Staged photography

Staged photography, or Tableau Vivant, in our perspective, is to set up a strong sense of hypothesis as well as to create a language with hidden meanings in a single storytelling picture. In the mid-twentieth century, the progress of the staged event in photography allowed for the creation of many different means and methods for the artist to express the “truth”. Gradually, photography found the power to communicate and express facts in a way different from the objective record. Many artists, such as Cindy Sherman, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, and more specifically Jeff Wall (J.Wall was one of the first artists to use the contemporary tableau), are now able to create images that show an alternative method to set up events in a stand-alone picture.


Electra Series, 2009. 'Jacuzzi 2û'. Inkjet Print 97cm x 146cm

commercial art

Commercial art is historically a subsector of creative services, referring to art created for commercial purposes, primarily advertising.

T.T.L Project combines commercialism with photography, which is something that can be explained by Andy Warhol, who once said that "Making money is art, and working is art and good business is the best art." One may wonder where the pleasure is in this type of photography.

For us, this type of photography is a “game” which begins with the customer, moves on to the artist, and ends with the audience who views the finalized exported visual. Ultimately, the game is completed not only when the artwork has been paid for, but also when a profitable product is created or when a product becomes something powerful to the people. Therefore, when looking at this type of photography from the perspective mentioned above, Andy Warhol’s wise words that “good business is the best art” make a great deal of sense.

still life

Still life photography is the depiction of inanimate subject matters, typically a small group of objects that are going to be photographed. Our conviction is reflected in Irving Penn’s words that "Photographing a cake can be art." If we closely consider Penn’s words, we come to understand that the most important thing in this type of photographic practice is the way in which the photographer moves and groups the objects, as well as the way the photographer set the lights in order to change a single image to a photographic piece of art.


Through the Lens project records your special moments and tries to visualize the most interesting, most relevant and most mysterious still frames of your life. Furthermore, what we are doing is documenting your best event and at the same time creating the circumstances in order to set-up photographs that express your feelings, your desires and your alter-ego.

You decide it. We keep it forever...

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