Contemporary Photographic Projects
  • Art Work

For us, contemporary photography is a “game” which begins with the customer, moves on to the artist, and ends with the audience who views the finalized exported visual. Ultimately, the game is completed not only when the artwork has been paid for, but also when a profitable product is created or when a product becomes something powerful to the people.

Staged photography, or Tableau Vivant, in our perspective, is to set up a strong sense of hypothesis as well as to create a language with hidden meanings in a single storytelling picture.

Wedding & Baptism Document

Through the Lens project records your special moments and tries to visualize the most interesting, most relevant and most mysterious still frames of your life. Furthermore, what we are doing is documenting your best event and at the same time creating the circumstances in order to set-up photographs that express your feelings, your desires and your alter-ego.

You decide it. We keep it forever..